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“Have you been convicted by a court?” is a question asked on many applications for employment, housing, public benefits, insurance, loans and other services. These questions mean lifelong...
Focus Area: Social Justice
Every 60 seconds a child dies from malaria. One child every minute. Sixty children every hour. We believe that no child should die from a preventable and treatable disease like malaria.
Focus Area: Health
Ever wonder what your carbon footprint is? Do you know, what dent you're leaving on the planet? Take this brief quiz to get a rough estimate.
Focus Area: Creation Care
The impact of food waste is not just financial. Environmentally, food waste leads to wasteful use of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides; more fuel used for transportation; and more rotting...
Focus Area: Hunger
Do you know what assets related to health and wellness exist in your community?
Focus Area: Health
Stress isn't a bad thing, but when it gets out of control, we have to find ways to re-center ourselves. Try this breathing exercise to help you feel more centered, relaxed and loved.
Focus Area: Spirituality